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Wino Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ConnectedStateThis state is active, if the server connection is established
DataStateThis state is active, when the data was sent
HeloStateThis state is active, when the helo message was sent
InitialStateThis state is the initial state, when no server connection is made
MailStateBase class for all mail states
RcptListStateThis state is active as long as there are additional recipients and no error occured (TODO: error-handling not implemented)
SendDialogDefine the one and only dialog for this application
SendMailFromStateThis state is active, when the from message was sent
StartDataStateThis state is active, when the DATA command was sent
WinoAppDefine the Wino (Wino Is Not Outlook) application type
WinoDialogDefine the one and only dialog for this application
wxBase64Helper class for encoding / decoding base64
wxCmdlineProtocolBase class for all command line oriented internet protocols
wxEmailMessageAn email without transport mechanism specific declarations or implementations
wxMimePartPublic helper class for MIME encoding and type determining
wxRecipientsIteratorPublic helper class for iterating through all recipients of an email
wxSMTPImplementation of the sendmail class for SMTP email sending
wxSMTPListenerPublic available interface for classes who wants to be notified asynchronly about SMTP events

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